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All you want to know about "natural dance" is here!

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A few days ago, the third generation of "mother of modern dance" and the art director of the third generation, Ms. Laurie Berilov brought the "natural dance" master class from Duncan to the children of Shenzhen. After class, students and parents were interested in this refreshing and natural dance. They asked Laurie teacher for advice. The following are some questions that parents are most concerned about. We believe that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of "natural dance" through answers.



What is a natural dance?

A new dance age, "the mother of modern dance", in addition to the concept of breaking the bondage of traditional dance, advocating that dance is the free expression of the mind, looking for the most beautiful form in nature and ancient Greek culture, exploring the inner action spirit, and gradually groping and creating a set of ideas with her. The skill of dance is called "dance" by later generations, also known as "natural dance". Last December, Laurie Bailey Love & Isadora from New York, at the Pauli theatre in Shenzhen, brought the world classic dance drama "The Art of Isadora" in China, and the Chinese audience experienced the natural charm of the original "natural dance".


Dancers in colorful and elegant dancers fall into the ancient Greek mural, when they jump up to Duncan's natural dance, more like a noble ancient Greek sculpture dancing, dreamy. They fit the rhythm of the movement with the music rhythm perfectly, match the movement of the human body with the flow of the wind and the sea. Their arms are like the rose petals, and the two feet fall on the ground like a leaf, each of which is the singing of the soul and full of free vitality.



What is the special thing about the natural dance?

As a third generation of people, Laurie once said that the natural dance changed her life, making her feel new from breathing to every day, and she found herself in the dance. What is the special thing about the natural dance? Natural dance follows the principle of human kinesiology, using the movements and movements that are often used in our daily life, such as walking, running, jumping, kneeling, tilting, and so on, so the dance moves naturally and refreshing. In addition, the natural dance emphasizes the unity of body and mind. Every dance movement is derived from the inner expression. It does not simply emphasize the skill of the dance, nor separates the limbs and emotions, but combines the two naturally and organically to achieve a natural and harmonious state. The natural dance makes every dancer feel that his action is from the heart and depends on it. It lets people find themselves in the art of dance and become more confident.




Why is natural dance very suitable for children to learn?

Natural dance is full of fresh and fresh vitality, without mechanical stereotypes, to maximize the release of children's imagination and creativity, to cultivate their interest in dancing and to help them build self-confidence, so it is very suitable for the long - term learning of the growing children. The rhythm of the natural dance is very natural, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, from left to right, from right to left, all right, like nature, without too much restraint. In class, the teacher will let the students imagine that they are dancing in the garden, in the forest, and dancing with flowers and springs, in order to wake up their bodies, let their imagination free, and let their body and mind be released.

For children who first touch the dance, the dance of nature makes them feel the dance is easy and easy to follow. It makes them feel happy, not boring, so that there is a good start in the dance. For the children who learn the natural dance for a long time, they will get a new understanding of themselves and the world around them from this fresh dance, give full play to their creativity in the dance, and thus gain the happiness of the dance and the confidence in life.



Where can I learn natural dance?

In the required courses, different classes of natural dance courses have been set up to teach students the skills, creation and expression of natural dance in stages, aiming at the physical and mental characteristics of children of different ages, and systematically introducing Isadora Duncan's dance art ideas. In order to ensure that the orthodox Duncan nature dance was taught to Chinese students, a senior bishop, Lindsay Lindsay, was invited from the United States. She obtained the professional qualification of Isadora teachers in the United States, and taught herself the essence and skills of natural dance by herself. Mr. Lindsay brought the free and lively style of Duncan dance into the dance class and encouraged the students to integrate the true feelings of the mind into the dance. The freshness of the teaching style was loved by the children.

As the heir and disseminator of the natural dance, Ms. Laurie hopes that Chinese children will have the opportunity to touch this vibrant dance, to talk to Duncan by dance, to talk to themselves, to listen to the deep voice of the soul, to be true and confident.


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