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Is your child happy on "61" children's day?

Edit:  Release Date:2018/6/28 10:12:41


On the annual "61" children's day, children from all over the world will hear many "children's Day" blessings as well as colorful gifts.

On the "61" day, the media conducted a random questionnaire survey on children and parents in the streets and the Internet on the theme of whether the children were happy or not. The findings are interesting and contradictory: children feel a little more unhappy, and parents feel that their children are happy. In the eyes of the parents, there are toys filled with rooms, delicious snacks to eat, two trips a year, so rich material life, now the children can no longer be happy.

In the survey, 37% of the children felt unhappy, 33% thought they were okay, only 30% felt happy. The reason for unhappiness is that preschool children feel that their parents are spending too little time. Pupils generally feel that their schoolwork is burdens and homework is too heavy. But they have a common reason why they are unhappy because they are overwhelmed by all kinds of interest classes.

In today's China, it seems hard to find a child who has never participated in any interest class. It is good for parents to let their children take part in interest classes, so that children can have a special skill after school and develop a hobby of their own. But there are also a number of parents who have reported five or six classes of interest to their children, and they want their children to be outstanding in every aspect. This makes the children's spare time not only not rest, but also to be tired and happy as the catch up.


What do American parents do?

In fact, sending children to interest classes is not Chinese characteristics, and is also very common in the United States. Jane is a six year old girl in America. She has interest in dance, soccer and debate. Although there are three different hobbies, there is a bias in the distribution of time. Jane will take three dance lessons a week, while the football and debate classes are only once a week. Because Jane showed her talent of dancing from a young age. She enjoyed the training and learning of dance lessons very much. As a result, the parents followed her wishes and arranged three dance lessons a week, which could help Jane quickly get into a truly professional dance learning state, and let Jane know that it should spend more time on the interest you really like and be good at. But once a week, soccer lessons and debate classes are just for her to play and enjoy the fun without burden, which makes Jane feel relaxed.

The strategy of "tailor - made"

It can be seen that Jane's parents are strategically interested in developing their children's interests. In fact, according to the multi intelligence theory proposed by the world's famous educational psychologist Howard Gardner, every child has its own intelligence field, some children have strong intelligence in language and language, some are strong in mathematical logic intelligence, and the intelligence of physical exercise or music is stronger.

Therefore, in the choice of interest classes for children, may as well consider what kind of intelligence of their children's nature is more biased, and then in full communication with the children, and then "tailored" to the class. Of course, in the eyes of children, they may feel that everything in the world is interesting and they are willing to learn, but as parents, they should be guided rationally. And once the interest is determined, Jane's parents are hoping that their daughter will be able to improve in the field of dance in the field of dance, so they follow the advice of the dance school and arrange three courses for their children a week, more frequent and more continuous, to help Jane learn faster and better. But at the same time, parents also take care of their children's interest in playing classes, so they arrange a soccer and a debate once a week for her. In this way, Jane has a multiplicity of happiness, not only the joy of hard work and sweat, but also the joy of playing and doing what you like.


Of course, the strategy has been formulated, and the choice of interest classes and training institutions should also be very attentive. Those who respect and encourage their children in ideas, follow their nature, and are committed to motivating their creativity and enhancing their self-confidence, will make their children more happy. In this "61", in addition to buying gifts for children, saying "happy children's Day", we should pay more attention to their hearts. Let children get real happy life in the cultivation of interest, instead of just being happy on the "children's Day".

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